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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby

All day yesterday, we celebrated the wonderful occasion of my baby's birthday. We spent the day at Zoo Atlanta, laughing, taking pictures, and relishing a wonderful time with family.

Being a nostalgic kinda gal, I wanted to enjoy looking at my Sweet Sunshine's baby book, but it was difficult. Why? Well, four years ago yesterday my baby and I almost didn't make it home. Lots of complications in the delivery left my blood pressure bottoming out and then later kept me from holding my little one for waaaayyy too long.

But we made it. And I have a precious daughter who completes our family and truly lights up a room whenever she enters.

So instead of recounting the hard stuff, I'd like to share some funny things our littlest princess has said over the years...

In answer to the question, "Who are you?" my then two-year-old kiddo proudly answered, "I a pwincess!"

This same two year old loved Christmas lights and on one sight-seeing outing exclaimed, "Ho Ho Ho lites! Yea lites! Meh-wee Kiss-mas!"

At three, her favorite musician was Steve Green. She could often be found dancing around the playroom singing, "Me a cheerful giver ha ha ha ha ha!" and "I good meah-cine me." (Two scripture songs about being a cheerful giver and laughter being good medicine.)

Other three-year-old songs: "tee, oo, vee, double x, y, an z. Now you ABC's next time is you sing wiss me." and "Victee in Jezuss, my saves-your for-evr. He sot me an got me wiss His wedeemin bud!" (That's Victory in Jesus)

She's often heard saying, "I be sank-you-full!" (thankful) and if she's accused of doing something wrong, we hear: "No I amen't!"

And one of the best sayings, "Mommy, I lob you!"

But my favorite by far has been: "Jesus, come into my heart. Put your good heart into mine. Please forgive me for my sin an cleanse my heart."

Happy Birthday, my Sweet Sunshine! You light up my world and remind me that no matter what, God is good all the time. You also help me treasure these awesome moments of childhood. Thanks for not growing up too fast and for always being my baby.

Thanks for taking a happy walk down memory lane with me. I love birthdays. Remembering the good times, praising God for the years, and looking forward to what's in store. Even more, I adore and cherish the precious blessings the Lord has delivered into my home.

What about you? Any cute kid stories from your childhood or those of little ones you love? Let's extend yesterday's fun and have you all join in!


Sally said...

I'll have to spend more time thinking on my own kids but when I think of funny kid stories the story that ALWAYS pops first to my mind is the day my dear friend's son J. who was playing at my house at the time, came to me crying "My nose hurts!!" and I asked him "well, why does it hurt? What happened?" His deadpan reply?

"I put a stick up it!!"

I thought I might just die from laughing so hard...fortunately his mom laughed too and I did get him an ice bag or something because I don't think he has any permanent scars!!

Happy Birthday Sweet Princess!! You are a ball of fire and a bundle of Joy!! I hope you had a VERY WONDERFUL birthday!!

Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

How precious! Hope you're doing well.

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