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Monday, April 30, 2007

Sharing a Dream

A HUGE thanks to all the awesome people who made my first book launch such an over the top awesome God event!

Here's a slide show my wonderful hubby created to go along with my list of God kisses ...
(Viewing this requires the Flash player. If you don't have it, you can get it here.)

1) My hubby was and is an awesome kiss from God! Not only did he set up, cleaned up, and do a fantastic job of making people smile and enjoy chocolate, he also prayed hard and kept me sane.

2) My daughters! I am so proud of how well they behaved and what a huge help they were in choosing door prize winners and the treasure chest winner. One of my girls even helped me sign a book. ;-) (Thanks, Jill, for being so gracious!)

3) The Momsloop group I've been a part of for almost 10 years now. Heather, Sally, Amy R., Laurie, and I had a BLAST this past weekend. Heather and Sally came in early and were the glue and pray-ers that held the signing together and made it so much fun! This group also surprised me with flowers and precious gifts I will always treasure. You all are truly heart chocolate!

4) The Lifeway staff were all so incredible! They smiled, helped, and were super fantastic. A special thanks to Sally for graciously handling special orders and the fast disappearing stack of books.

5) The Citizen's Police Academy alumni who showed up to cheer me on and start the line for signing books: Greg, Noel and family, and Jessica. A very special thanks to Jessica for her quiet, smiling presence and for introducing me to Nancy.

6) My awesome WORD group friends: Ane, Ruth, and Christy. A special thanks to Christy for her gracious blog shout outs about the launch party and Ransomed Dreams.

7) Getting to meet and visit with a mom and her very wonderful 12 year old writer who loved Jake and asked lots of great questions.

8) My mom, sister, and nephew who came down from Kentucky to show their support and offer much encouragement. Also my brother-in-law's wonderful catered food, and my mother-in-law and father-in-law's flowers and awesome help the entire event.

9) Elizabeth, Kristan, Stephanie, Debbie, Kris and Joe, Jamie and his family, and Chris and Vicki and crew! These great friends made me smile and kept my hands from shaking too much as the party got underway.

10) The wonderful folks who enjoyed the chocolate and stuck around to find out about Ransomed Dreams. I met so many great people that I couldn't help but smile and know God was there and in control of each and every divine appointment.

All in all, this book launch was wonderful beyond my wildest imagination. What I loved most was that God was there, reminding people that He sees us, loves us, and shares the joy in our dreams becoming a reality.

Thank You, Daddy! You are so very good and the best heart chocolate ever!


Rel said...

Ack! Can't see the slideshow :) David - help!!!!

Sally said...

I had SUCH a wonderful time this weekend. Your family truly was heart chocolate to my soul. My husband commented tonight that I came home relaxed and calm and that it was "becoming" on me...then he asked "so what happened this weekend??" LOL!! Obviously, I am not usually calm and relaxed!!LOL!!

It was so lovely to spend time around you and your are really parenting them to the glory of the Lord and it shows!!

I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful time I had!!

Susan said...

Amy, I was so excited when I went to my mailbox today and found your signed book!! My sweet SIL, Heather, sent it and it blessed me! I can't wait to read it.

Hugs and Blessings!

:-) Susan

Amy Wallace said...


I'm SO GLAD you spent the weekend with us! That was a gift in and of itself. It's pretty cool to know that you returned home "relaxed and calm!" Maybe that'll work in our favor to bring you back to visit for the next launch. ;-)

Thanks so much for everything, my friend. The heart chocolate goes both ways.

Amy Wallace said...


Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a note! I pray God will use Ransomed Dreams to encourage and draw you closer to Christ. I'd love to hear what you think about RD when you get a chance.

Your SIL is AWESOME, and from what I've heard about her family~ all of you guys are as well!

Mary said...

What an exciting day, and a blessing to have a hubby and friends who are so sold out on you and your success! God is so good!

Thanks for sharing it with us...

Mary @HSH

Amy Wallace said...

Hey, Mary!

I am VERY thankful for my family and friends~ they are awesome. ;-) And I agree with you, God is so good! Thanks for sharing in the day with your comments and prayers!

Christy LaShea Smith said...

Amy & David - the pictures are great! How cool you've got the slide show going!

I can tell what a supportive hubby David is - he was calm and cool - had that chocolate flowing and everything was going smooth and well!

Margaret and I had such a wonderful time. Amy's girls were so quiet. I saw them walk by a couple of times. It was my two year old who laid down in the floor and I thought we were going to have a "scene". Luckily, the good Lord kept her quiet!!!! LOL!

Downey's still talking about the "chocolate" (That was the first time she'd said the word!!) marshmallow Ane gave her, though it's in her own toddler mumbles, I know that's what she means. She had a fun time too!

Can't wait for the next one! Blessings to your family!

Laurie said...

It was nothing short of amazing to be there with you last weekend. You've done something amazing that few people ever accomplish--you followed a dream and put feet to your passion. Wow! Your words have often inspired me, and your courage to follow your dream and let God use you to touch the lives of others really encourages me to stay faithful where God has me right now.

God has brought you this far. He has a special purpose for your life as He continues to use you.

David was a wonderful (and PATIENT) host. Your girls are precious! Please do follow up on my invitation to bring your family here sometime. You could really find some quiet retreat time here.

Love to all of you,

Amy Wallace said...


Thanks for checking out the slide show! You and your little one look great! I thought she had the chocolate word down pretty well. ;-) But please know my kids were SUPER good, even I was amazed. They are awesome kiddos, but they are normal and usually far louder than they were Saturday. I think they had a lot of baby-sitters and the Good Lord keeping things calm.

I do hope to do another signing and would LOVE to have you and Margaret and Downey come! I promise to have chocolate too. LOL

Amy Wallace said...


Wow, you continue to blow me away with your gracious encouragement. Thank you!

David and I are seriously looking at dates to come visit. We'd love to spend more time with you and meet Super Steve. :-)

Much love!

Carla said...

Sounds like fun!

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