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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Family Support

Isn't this picture awesome??? In case it's hard to decipher the details, this picture is all about love.

And the support my awesome family gives me every day.

My middle princess gave me this card printed with "famle mal" on the outside. (That's 'family mail' phonetically since she did this all on her own during a quite time one afternoon.)

On the inside is her rendition of my first book cover and the keyboard that I'm attached to many days.

She gave it to me beaming a smile alight with six-year-old pride not only in her gift, but that mommy does something mommy loves and she's a part of it.

She's also beaming because mommy is taking some much needed time off to do cookie baking and ornament making. I'm loving that too. We're not doing much hustle and bustle now that the ballet recital is over and the twenty dozen cookies are mostly all given away to teachers and neighbors. We'll be spending the last few weeks of this year reading The Christmas Carol, singing songs, and sharing giggles.

I'm also going to take my little girl's advice written on the inside of this special card. She wrote simply, "Dear mommy, have a fun Happy Birthday God!"

I hope you will join us in wishing Jesus a very special Happy Birthday with a few moments of restful quiet wrapped up in family.

Merry Christmas!!!

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Rel said...

Gotta love those girls :)

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