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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Learning from little ones

I'm the very proud mommy of three amazing little girls. My oldest is turning nine this Saturday and is often heard singing around the house, "I'm going to be a PRE-TEEN!" I'm so not ready for that. ;-)

Besides already being eight going on thirty, she's an awesome little girl. My name for her is my Sweet Song. Her smile and who she is deep inside have always been music to my heart. Not only that, but this little jewel reads circles around her mommy and can converse with the best of them on so many topics it makes my head spin. What makes me smile even more than her silly jokes is that she's a lot like her mommy in the desire to learn and grow and become more like Jesus. She runs rings around me there many days too~ especially in memorizing Scripture. But more on that later...

My oldest daughter's often-said prayer is, "Thank You for spending time together." Every time I hear her say it I'm reminded how precious the minutes I spend with my girls are. They are the most precious investment of my time. And the rewards are over the top wonderful.

Most days. ;-) I had to throw that in there because any prophet worth his or her salt strives to be totally honest. And in honor of total truth, there are days I’m almost crying for Calgon to take me away.

But back to the good stuff… I said earlier that my oldest is blowing me away with her Scripture memory. She just joined a class at church called the Just Girls class. Among teaching so many cool things straight out of Proverbs 31, they are memorizing these verses.

These very same verses that many women ~ me included~ run screaming away from. At least I did until recently.

My oldest has been reciting the 12 verses she’s committed to memory in the last week as she’s getting ready in the morning and any other time it pops into her mind~ which is often. What’s cool about that is her little sisters are listening and that’s causing all three to smile, sing along with the verses, and learn from each other.

Mommy included.

But the thing that made me begin to embrace this Proverbs 31 woman was something my middle child, my total prophet kid, said the other day. On a day when I was struggling with thoughts of being the worst parent ever and not getting the million things on my to-do list done, my second-born spoke straight to my heart.

She said, “Mommy, what she’s memorizing is about you!”

Those simple words said with little understanding of their impact still make me cry. My girls scampered off to play, but those words rang in my mind often for the rest of the day. And beyond.

I have no idea what she sees in me that prompted her to say that. But I have a good suspicion she was looking with her Heavenly Father’s eyes and seeing the me I seldom see. The one God looks down on and smiles about as He says, “This is my beloved child, in whom I am well pleased.”

I’m so thankful to God for all three of my awesome daughters. My youngest often surprises me with words that are more of God’s special kisses. Words like I heard her singing to herself the other day, “I have a fwend (friend) named Mommy.”

Not only do these words make me realize how desperately I need God to love my girls as well as they love me, but they also make me see how much I can learn from my children…

Their honesty.

Their ability to see beyond the faults to the heart.

And their unashamed expressions of joy and delight.

Jesus spoke such awesomely wise words when He said to come to Him like little children. And so I come, relearning how to skip for the fun of it, sing because I like to, and love with words and actions because my daughters are teaching me all over again what joy looks like.

My prayer in sharing my sweet girls with you all is that God will awaken or strengthen your desire to come like little children too. There are so many ripples of good that we can start by sharing unhindered words of love and acceptance into our circle of friends and family.

So sing, skip, love well…and learn from little ones.

7 comments: said...

Great blog! I've added a link to your blog on Blog of the Day under the category of Family. To view the feature of your blog, please visit

Amy Wallace said...

Wow, Rob! Thanks so much for featuring my blog post on your Blog of the Day.

To answer your question on the blog post discussion... yes, I do have three amazing and wonderful little girls. ;-)

Amy said...

Hi Amy,

You're welcome for the feature and thank you for sharing your family experiences with us.

Good luck with the pre-teen years!


Sally said...

Oh Amy, this brought me to tears...what an astounding word from God to hear your sweet little girl tell you that they were talking about you in's just awesome.

Amy Wallace said...

Hey, Sally!

Aren't our kiddos awesome?! I love when God speaks to me through them. I'm still a bit awed that my middle girl said that about me, especially when I'm having less than Proverbs 31 days. ;-)


Vicki said...

Love the post. Just wait til their three are all grown now and I really miss those younger years.

Wanted to stop by with a big hug and hello for you! Hope your summer has been a good one. It's been rather busy and eventful at the Gaines, that's for sure.

Amy Wallace said...

Hey, Vicki!

Thanks so much for reading here even with you all have had going on!

Praying for you!

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